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JMA Consultants Inc. has been contributing to TPM influence and development since its foundation. To commemorate the founding year of JIPM Solutions (now“TPM Company”of JMA Consultants Inc.)a prize has been established named after the founder of TPM, Seiichi Nakajima. The Nakajima Prize honors those individuals who have been contributing to TPM with same dedication and enthusiasm as Mr. Nakajima. Since the introduction of PM, the predecessor of TPM, to Japan in 1951, Seiichi Nakajima has dedicated over half century to influence the concept of PM and TPM as a leader, and continues to this day. In these days, increasing numbers of TPM Award winners in overseas evidence that over 50 years of his committed effort is a genuine and valuable dedication to not only the Japanese manufacturing industry but also for manufacturing industry all over the world. Without his remarkable effort, TPM and manufacturing industry would not have been what it is today.

2009 Nakajima Prize

This year, the Selection Committee for the Nakajima Prize, has determined that there are not eligible recipients at this time.
The decision of the committee was based on the global financial crisis and in the fact that rather than making contributions to the overall industry, everyone was busy focusing on the survival of their own company.

We look forward to selecting an appropriate recipient future years.

Thank you for your understanding.

Selection Committee for the Nakajima Prize

2008 Nakajima Prize Winner

Mr. Ger G. Bemer
Managing Director/CEO
Royal Nedalco

Ger Bemer was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 1949.He studied Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven and Delft Universities and thereafter joined Unilever's food business in 1979. He has since held various positions in R&D, Supply Chain and General Management in the Netherlands, Kenya and Brazil. He was responsible for introducing TPM in Unilever's Ice Cream and Frozen Food Business Europe from 1998 to 2001.In 2001 he joined Royal Nedalco as CEO. Royal Nedalco is Europe's second largest producer of natural ethyl alcohol which is an important ingredient for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industry. TPM was introduced in Nedalco in 2002. Nedalco is part of the food and food ingredients group Cosun and TPM has subsequently been introduced in all five companies belonging to the Cosun group.

2007 Nakajima Prize Winners

Mr. Rajesh Parim
Principal Counselor, TPM Club India,
Confederation of Indian Industry

TPM Club India was founded in 1998 and since then Rajesh Parim has dedicated all his efforts to advocate TPM in Indian industries. His responsibilities include the management of the club activities, organizing conferences/seminars and promotional events.

Mr. Jean Louis Muller
Senior Division Manager, Hot Rolling & Finishing Operations,
ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor

Jean Muller started his TPM experience at the Mouzon plant in France which won the TPM Award in 1999. Since then he has been head of TPM implementation at several plants and the activities influenced among other plants. At the present he is responsible for the development of TPM at plants in the USA.

2006 Nakajima Prize Winners

Mr. John Loftus
Mr. Loftus has been active in TPM interpretation since 1995. He has served as an interpreter to TPM consultants and instructors in 17 countries for consulting visits, training courses, TPM Awards Assessments and conferences. He has also many translated and published books on TPM and other Japanese management issues.

Ms. Kay Miyoshi
Ms. Miyoshi has been involved in TPM interpretation since 1991. She has been active in TPM Awards Assessments and consulting visits of TPM consultants in more than 60 factories in Europe and Asia. In addition to these visits, she has also been active in interpreting at TPM conferences in Europe.

2005 Nakajima Prize Winners

Mr. Uttam Kumar Chatterjee
Director of Quality Assurance
at Unilever Asia

Uttam Chatterjee is responsible for the development of TPM in Asia, particularly India. He has contributed regionally to self assessment and planning horizontal deployment of TPM

Mr. Henk Eertink
TPM Director at Unilever Europe

Henk Eertink has been contributing to TPM development at Unilever Europe for many years.
He supervised the implementation of TPM with 6 regional TPM coordinators for all of Europe