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Regular TPM Consulting Periodical Onsite TPM Consultation by Japanese Consultants

Receive periodical onsite visits by Japanese Consultants from JMA Consultants Inc., the internationally renowned leader in TPM consulting. Over the years, we have encountered numerous consultants and consulting companies from all over the world who claim to be experts in TPM. The fact is, not one can match the skill and expertise of a JMAC consultant. Although our consultants come from manufacturing and TPM backgrounds, each undergoes an intensive training period of 3 years as trainee. Our senior consultants, who have received this training in addition to twenty or thirty years’ consulting experience are second to none. Through our Regular Consulting Service, we will provide you with a personal level of support that will take your TPM program to unprecedented levels of success through the building of a solid corporate culture and maximization of profitability. Just ask any one of the more than 2000 sites we’ve coached globally to the TPM Award.

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