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TPM Health Check A complete diagnostic of your TPM level.

TPM Health Check is designed to diagnose the quality of TPM at your site. It thoroughly diagnoses the 8 pillars of TPM to clarify shortcomings in your program so they may be targeted for improvement. Learn what makes your program strong and what is holding you back. Depending on the size of your site in terms of employees, the diagnostic may take up to two-three days. TPM Health Check utilizes our senior consultants who have been working to education sites around the world in the benefits of Japanese TPM.

TPM Health Check is for companies which:

  • Wish to receive in-depth feedback on positive and negative aspects of their program.
  • Would like to use a TPM diagnosis as a milestone achievement to increase morale and motivation amongst personnel.
  • Want to receive clear and workable improvement recommendations to condition their program for TPM Award application.
  • Factories who are implementing TPM without our consulting support who wish to have their program compared against true and original TPM criteria and methods.
TPM Health Check Reveals the Quality of Current Activity Under Three Categories
Success Level and Activity Progress The TPM implementation program is evaluated by senior
TPM trainers/consultants on the shop-floor and where
TPM activity takes place.
Current and Near Future Challenges and Improvements A diagnostic report which details and elaborates on current TPM activity quality and current/near future challenges is issued.
How to Improve TPM Activity A thorough analysis of current activity and what is needed to move activity forward in the right direction is made clear and public by the diagnostic.