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TPM on Web

TPM Coaching on Web
  • Connect TPM Promotion office and Pillar Leaders with TPM consultant and coach
  • Good point: Monthly coaching but No Airfare No Interpreter
  • Easy to connect and get what you want to know and solve
  • Reminders:
    This is not designed to provide Gemba Kaizen consulting and evaluation. The coaching is focused on problems/issues on TPM planning and promotion.
TPM Seminars and Lectures on WEB
Makigami Analysis (Office-TPM), and more to come Low Cost Automation,
Planned Maintenance…………
Makigami on WEB
Makigami One Point Consulting:
Solutions for Specific issues on Makigami process or results and
One point coaching to fill gap between plan and actual or proper use of
Makigami Consulting on Web:
Consultation via Web based communication
Makigami Analysis Seminar:
Four units (one unit per month and one unit is 4 hrs)
Other services on Web
TPM Award/Assessment preparations
Want to know how much, how many or how long ?
Time scheduling ?
Report making ?
Home work planning ?

TPM-KPI Data Base on Web How to collect TPM KPIs How to make data base ?
How can it be traced ?
What are appropriate KPIs ?
     <in cooperation with JMA Systems>
This is utilized with TPM Coaching on Web
Contact: TPM on Web