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TPM Training Knowledgeable workforces see better results

TPM as a concept is very easy to understand; however, to study and implement without proper guidance can be quite challenging. Many sites which decide to implement Total Productive Maintenance without support see disappointing results, if any results at all. Onsite training courses are led by the same experienced and skilled TPM consultants who perform consulting at factories around the world.

Zagaku (TPM Core Lecture)
  • TPM Executive Course
  • TPM Manager Course
  • TPM Facilitator Course
  • TPM Strategic Planning Course
  • TPM in SCM
  • Keikaku Hozen (Planned Maintenance)
  • Hinshitsu Hozen (Quality Maintenance) Eight Figure Development
  • Robust Design/ Quality Engineering
  • Visual Control/Management
  • QFD in TPM
Tokkun (Intensive Hands-on training)
  • Jishu Hozen (Autonomous Maintenance) Step 1-3 Hands-on Training:
  • Why-why Analysis
  • P-M Analysis (Pre-requisite: Why-why Analysis)
  • Jishu Hozen Step-4 (Minimum requirement is completion of JH-Step2)
  • Makigami Analysis
  • QC 7 tools
  • Minor Stop Kaizen
  • Quick Changeover Kaizen

Tailored in-company courses are offered upon request.