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25 Aug 2018

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The Toyota Production System (TPS) - synonymous with one of its components: Just-in-Time (JIT) - aims to eradicate waste in all manufacturing processes by eliminating both defects and stock inventory. Total Productive Management/Maintenance aims to achieve a zero breakdown, zero defect and zero accident state.

Through the preventive maintenance focus of TPM, breakdowns in manufacturing processes are eliminated. More importantly, however, is the elimination of defects in production that are usually associated with breakdowns. Without the "zero breakdown state" achievable through TPM, the zero defects and zero inventory goals of TPS are not easily achieved.

In addition, the complete eradication of waste in TPS is mirrored in the elimination of the 16 Big Losses through TPM.

As many companies around the world have discovered, these two methodologies complement each other and a successful TPM implementation program benefits a successful JIT/TPS program.

Fig. 1 - The relationships between TPS (JIT) and TPM


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