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In TPM consulting, we will continue to identify and solve problems (solution),
create a lot of mechanisms, and support the creation of
a system where people grow up in the process.

TPM Age: Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corp. Kasai Sludge Plant

Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corporation's Kasai Sludge Plant hygienically treats sewer sludge by passing it through the three main process steps of concentration, dewatering and incineration. It introduced TPM in 2007 with the aim of shedding its undesirable image as a place that was dirty, smelly and unpleasant to work in. Then, this year it became the first site in Japan to be awarded th...

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TPM Age: Fuji Oil Company Ltd. Sodegaura Refinery

Fuji Oil's Sodegaura Refinery introduced TPM in the year 2000 and is now pushing its TPM Level III programme forward under the vision of becoming 'one of Japan's top 5 oil refineries, with originality, independence and a high level of international competitiveness'. Although this state of affairs is amply demonstrated by the richness of the plant's activity boards, what is particularly outstanding...

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TPM Age: J-Oil Mills, Inc, Yokohama

J-Oil Mills, Yokohama launched TPM in April 2005, won TPM Award Category A in 2009, and has developed TPM as Part II activity. They keep the existing activities in shape and expanded them, at the same time, have merged Development Pillar and Planned Maintenance into one pillar called Strategic Maintenance. They have prioritized this pillar and strengthened Office TPM to pursue Kachigumi (Kachi has...

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