JMAC has over 45 years’ experience in supporting the manufacturing industry through TPM Support/Services since the beginning of TPM in 1971.
Primary focus of JMAC’s TPM Consulting and Training is on actuality, people, gemba, and product quality.
JMAC has a global reach with clients in over 40 countries, we can support you anywhere in the world.

Originator of TPM

The concept of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) was created in 1971, incorporating Japan's unique idea into PM (preventive maintenance of equipment) which is an equipment management system introduced from the United States in the 1950s to the 1960s.
Initial format of TPM was purposed on "Maximizing Equipment Efficiency" in the production department.
A paradigm shift change from the era of "selling something made" to the era of "making demanded products" had come.
Therefore, TPM has evolved from “Production Department TPM” to “Company-wide TPM” aiming “Optimization of Production Management Efficiency”.

Mr. Seiichi Nakajima, the Father of TPM
1919 - 2015

Japan in the 1950s, and this is the first introduction of maintenance concept in Japan. In later days, the introduced maintenance concept is developed to Productive Maintenance, and the TPM Concept is invented in the 1971 by Seiichi Nakajima.
Since its invention, TPM has been evolved according to the manufacturing industry’s situation and it is still in the course of evolution.
Until 2018, more than 3,000 factories/plants in the world, achieved a drastic improvement in P (Productivity), Q (Quality), C (Cost), D (Delivery), S (Safety), M (Morale), and E (Environment) by TPM, received the TPM Award.

*TPM Award is an auditing system to honor remarkable achievement through TPM by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM).

Maintenance Evolution


by over 100 TPM Consultants with average of 20 years TPM experience, and covering over 40 countries.

TPM Consulting

Case Studies

  • TPM Age: Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corp. Kasai Sludge Plant

    Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corporation's Kasai Sludge Plant hygienically treats sewer sludge by passing it through the three main process steps of concentration, dewatering and incineration. ...

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  • TPM Age: Fuji Oil Company Ltd. Sodegaura Refinery

    Fuji Oil's Sodegaura Refinery introduced TPM in the year 2000 and is now pushing its TPM Level III programme forward under the vision of becoming 'one of Japan's top 5 oil refineries, with originality...

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  • TPM Age: J-Oil Mills, Inc, Yokohama

    J-Oil Mills, Yokohama launched TPM in April 2005, won TPM Award Category A in 2009, and has developed TPM as Part II activity. They keep the existing activities in shape and expanded them, at the same...

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