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29 Jul 2019

TPM Knowledge

How do I know if TPM is delivering the results we need?

First you need to investigate what it is that your company is aiming to achieve:
- reduction in costs AND/OR
- improving quality AND/OR
- reducing waste, eliminating accidents etc.

For most companies, the immediate goals are already defined, but how to achieve them is not.

By implementing TPM, you can achieve many improvements such as:
- increasing equipment productivity by 1.5x or more
- increasing labour productivity by 1.5x or more
- decreasing defect rate by 90% or more
- decreasing inventory by 50% or more
- achieving zero accidents
- reducing costs by 25% or more

You also have to gather data: the right data at the right time - and use that data to understand the big picture.

Most companies already gather data and most use that data to achieve good results.
Most companies also have internal processes and reporting frameworks that serve good purposes.

But without a TPM framework, you might be missing a few (or many) areas where you can improve.

If you have chronic faults that prove difficult to eliminate, advanced TPM analytical tools can help you to achieve the zero trifecta: zero defects, zero accidents, zero breakdowns. Another benefit of TPM-based improvements are that they can help you on your way to eliminate waste as well.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to some of these TPM ideas.

For further information, please contact us.

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