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5 Sep 2019

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Creating a Comfortable and Employee-Friendly Workplace by TPM

Can you call you workplace "easy-to-work"? Through TPM activities, we will solve problems at work and turn them into energetic workplaces where everyone can work safely and easily.

Is our workplace really "easy-to-work"?

We spend more than one-third of the day at the workplace. Is the workplace environment comfortable to work in?

In terms of the equipment, are we troubled with unstable equipment such as "Frequent Equipment Breakdown", "Frequent Minor Stops", "Long Time to Recover", "Frequent Defects", and "Operation Delay"?

In addition, on the manual labor side, are we troubled with inefficient conditions, such as "Numerous Difficult-to-Work Operations", "Many Works Require Walking Around", "Heavy Physical Load", " "Numerous Double Efforts", and "Numerous Repeat Works"? There are many Muri (unreasonable, excessive work), Muda (waste), Mura (inconsistency) left in the workplace, aren't there?

On the working environment, do we have problems with unsafe workplaces, such as "Oil or Powder Spilled on the Floor", and "Risk of Hands getting caught in equipment"?

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Make your work easier with TPM

If you do not have the problems raised above, you should be able to work easily and the workplace will be quite comfortable. But if you need to solve problems in the workplace with everyone involved together, TPM is one of the tools to aim for and realize such a safe and comfortable workplace. TPM has been introduced and practiced in many companies as a mechanism for improvement of production sites and human resource development (self-growth and self-actualization).

If you are new to the TPM concept, you may be worried that TPM will be extra work. Certainly, solving problems requires additional power and focus, but no one wants to work in a place where problems have been left without any action to fix them.

For people who work in the manufacturing industry, it is part of their job to improve the equipment and environment. Why not use TPM to get rid of time-consuming situations, creating easy-to-work conditions, and establishing a progressively improving workplace?

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