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5 Sep 2019


JMAC Presentation at "Maintenance Resilience ASIA" on Oct. 4 in Bangkok, Thailand

Effective Planned Maintenance Procedure to Achieve Busines Target and Real TPM Example from Siam Fibre Cement (SCG)
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a management method born in Japan with the aim of strengthening a corporate's manufacturing capabilities and creating a corporate structure enabling to sustain corporate profits.
Currently, TPM is implemented in about 3,000 factories in more than 40 countries around the world.
TPM has been bringing great results to many companies all over the world.

TPM has eight activities based on the concept of "reducing loss and preventing loss".
Through these eight activities, create a sustainable profit structure by "changing equipment, workplaces, and companies" by "human resource development and utilization" (the foundation of manufacturing capabilities) is possible.

In this session, JMAC, as the one half of the TPM originator, would like to introduce the detail and procedure of Planned Maintenance, one of the most important activities in TPM, together with the real example from Siam Fibre Cement (SCG).
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