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5 Dec 2019

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Ownership with TPM: Preventing Troubles

Preventing Troubles

Last month, we mentioned of the need to create an environment of "My Machine, My Responsibility" - this can be achieved with Autonomous Maintenance.

In any case, many times staff will be thinking "Maintenance department is doing bad, and it doesn't matter to us." - the breakdowns will not go away at all.

If staff can not "Protect My Machine" and enter this kind of mentality of ownership of their own work, then their work will not become easier and it the negative impact on the company's profit will continue.

The key is to have staff move to a way of thinking that is: "Making my job easier and more efficient will lead to a gain in profit to the company AND it will also protect my life."

Then, what should staff do to "Protect"? The answer is simple.

Staff need to make improvements so machines and equipment are "Easy to protect" by using the 4 abilities discussed last time:

  1. Abnormality Detection Ability: Being able to detect abnormalities

  2. Treatment/Restoration Ability: Being able to make immediate and correct responses to abnormalities

  3. Condition Setting Ability: Being able to judge normal or abnormal with quantitative measurements/standards

  4. Sustainment Management Ability: Being able to comply with determined rules

TPM provides a method to achieve these changes and many more.


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