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26 Apr 2024

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Tips from a senior TPM Consultant about Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance: Faster results

Autonomous Maintenance is positioned as a major TPM activity, but it requires a relatively long period of time (generally about three years) to become fully established as it involves changing the mindset and behavior of operators. However, we believe that it is important these days to deploy Autonomous Maintenance in a way to obtain faster gains.

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For example, in the past, many one-point lesson (OPL) sheets were created and kept in each area/section of the factory, but we encourage you to create them with the intention of sharing them as soon as possible. 

New methods are also being trialed, such as narrowing down daily inspections to items that focus on preventing recurrence, and making it possible to check setup procedures by scanning a QR code with a smartphone/tablet PC.

Each line, factory site and company have differing needs and goals so it is important to work together with a TPM expert, or someone who has experience with successful TPM implementation, to see how you can obtain faster results.

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From a senior TPM consultant with over 30 years of TPM consulting experience.
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