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20 May 2024

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Tips from a senior TPM Consultant about TPM relaunch

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Key points on relaunching TPM

Recently, we are seeing an increasing number of companies relaunching TPM. There are some points that we should all be mindful of during a TPM relaunch. During a relaunch of TPM, it can be difficult to know how to relaunch TPM when there are little to no traces of the pillars that were implemented in the past. 

In any case, when relaunching TPM, I believe it is important to focus on Autonomous Maintenance and Focused Improvement activities and to produce "visible" outputs. Concurrently, given the likelihood that you may have a team with insufficient knowledge and skills, strong efforts should be made to ensure everyone's safety while carrying out TPM activities.

There are also added pressures in sites, such as where the number of people who have little knowledge about TPM is increasing. This kind of situation can lead to avoidance of TPM activity due to the time required to develop TPM pillars and produce results. Furthermore, the notion of "I mustn't fail. I don't want to fail." also creates an invisible barrier.

Here at JMAC, we believe that it is necessary to understand the size, potential, capability, and technology of the company/factory. Also, it is necessary to select an implementation method that suits the company's needs.

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In order to relaunch TPM at a company, important points are:

  • to closely observe the workplace
  • listen carefully to the involving members
  • build a well-balanced support system
  • produce results in visible and quantitative way
  • build relationships of trust with the members involved.
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